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“I want to inspire you by paving the path”


As long as you compare your life with that of others, this can lead to dissatisfaction in you.
That is a waste of energy, health, money, time and freedom.
Realize that you are a unique being and that you simply cannot compare yourself with others. You are who you are and you are what you are. Simple as that.
Freedom means for me knowing who I am and what I am. It’s like Coming Home.
I am authentic with its own beauty. I am not like you and that is good.
Life is a mystery and life is a game. It is truly wonderful when you know how to play it.


Everyone is different and authentic, with their own specialities, qualities, talents, strengths and beauty and….I would like you to be conscious about that.

So take place in your driver seat and….

live the life you were born to live and …. deserve!

I can and will help you finding:

  • what talent(s) you have
  • what study/work is best for you
  • how to be happy with yourself






Find out who and what you are…



By following my special DNA method and play your Mystery Game





























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How did I get this conscious lifestyle?


Read my book : Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle, you will be amazed about my personal story. I called it the practical life lessons bible 🙂

Pure Smart Stylish Ebook English

It’s available in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish


Yes, Yes, Yes I want to buy this practical life lessons bible


What makes me happy?

Inspiring others to be different and authentic by my  books, music, & performance art 



A conscious lifestyle

  • You too want an energetic, happier,  healthy, free and conscious lifestyle ?

We live in, for us, the Blue Zone Principle areas. Andorra, a beautiful little country in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. Here we can walk in nature, no criminality and low tax. Skiing from november till april. Lots of oxygen, sunshine and good healthcare system.

Next to that, we live on the most beautiful island of Thailand, Koh Samui. A laid back lifestyle, sunshine and good healthcare system.

3 different cultures mixed together, but we adapted and we love it.

Our mission is to help others finding their authentic self and a conscious personal healthy & wealthy free lifestyle.



  • You want to get information about a structured new way of conscious living in general or private wealth in freedom? Click here
  • You want a better position in work, love or life in general? Order my book or enjoy The Mystery Games
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  • You want to know more about our Blue Zone conscious lifestyle in Koh Samui, to rent or to invest? Click here
  • You want to know more about our Blue Zone conscious lifestyle in Andorra, to rent or to invest? Click here 
If you are aware of the fact you want to do things different but didn’t found the right answers yet, than maybe we can help you finding them.
Help us showing the world it’s nothing without authentic, healthy, happy & loving human beings by being happy in your personal and business lifestyle.
Read more about Angelique Broers and her mission here.



Angelique Broers – Lifestyle Inspirator



My practical self made education has made me how I am now.  The more confident and conscious of my own lifestyle I become, the more I want to help others become more aware of themselves too. To promote a conscious lifestyle is my way of doing just that. I hope to inspire people to be more aware about their inner and outer beauty and grow in self confidence so they are able to live the life that they deserve!

Passion, connecting, energy, DNA, freedom, happiness, secrets to succes, respect, orange and a conscious lifestyle are the items I will speak about in the lectures and performances I provide. I speak Dutch, English, French and German fluently.

If you want to have a proud and self conscious team working for you, than ask me about the possibilities. 







A conscious lifestyle -Pure Smart Stylish – The Book

Pure Intelligente Élégante

This new lifestyle method is based on my first book: Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle.

It’s no diet method, no style method, it is a practical lifestyle.

A new way to look at your health and yourself that will change your life for the better in nearly every way.


Consciously or unconsciously, we’re all looking for something. For self-confidence, happiness, love, or health. “I collected the methods I used in my own quest so that you don’t have to search for them. You can start straight away in the search for your own self! These methods all have one thing in common: the answers for a self-confident attitude can always be found within. I want you to be your own guru and begin to believe in yourself so you too will become more happy with your:

  • Personality
  • Body
  • Talent
  • Appearance
  • Relationship        
  • Health                       Just as this worked for me.              BUY NOW

You are responsible for your own body, for taking care of it, as well as for your thoughts and your (love)choices! ​

  • Are you fed up waisting energy to wrong choices ?
  • Want to know how to be attractive and successful ?
  • Want to know how you can live in a healthy & spiritual way ?
  • You want to feel energetic ?

Want to start today?

My book has been printed in a high quality paperback in 4 languages: Dutch, Spanish, French and English click here

Rather want the ebook? I made it in 5 languages: Dutch, German, Spanish, French and English click here

Puur Slim Stijlvol - een bewuste lifestyle
Pure Intelligente Élégante - un mode de vie conscient
Puro Inteligente con Estilo Ebook Spanish
Pure Smart Stylish Ebook English









The book is written for women but also very nice for men to read who want to understand women in general better.

A Conscious Lifestyle in Living

The Corona Virus or Covid-19 forces us not only listening to ourselves but also looking more critical to our personal lifestyle.

Do you :
  • Urgently need a change in your lifestyle but don’t know how?
  • Want to move to a blue zone principles country or place, but can’t sell your house or business?
Be smart

Energize your mindset and health by changing your lifestyle in living.


Our Lifestyle Motivation team will help you finding your new lifestyle in:



Our Lifestyle Motivation team will help you finding your new lifestyle in:
Thailand – Koh Samui

Yes, I really like to get more information about these 2 lifestyles in Andorra or Thailand. Click here


    The Mystery Games

If we knew how things would end 

Where our journey would take us..

Would we still make the same decisions?

Or would we choose a different path?

Does it matter which path we choose

If we end up..  Facing ourselves again and again?


Life is a mystery and life is a game.

You only have one life, so better play it well. 


Talent  & Happiness Videos

Your own story in music and images and…. mystery.

No need to read, to study, only listening and watching.

All 12 songs have special HZ, and your personal DNA.

It’s a road to healing and happiness so why not integrating them into a fun aspect of life. Music and Film.

This hypnotizing and meditative music and imaging will help you finding your road to happiness by finding your talents and the most important in life: I am what I am.

A Special Custom Made Video Incl. 3 sessions of personal inspirational coaching cost you only: € 369,20.


Yes, I want to have my own video and discover myself and my hidden talents.


Very proud on my second album


The Album The Mystery Games part 1

I made a new album with 4 first songs of the Mystery Games. 8 more to come in 2021.

The videos’ with these songs and the music are my own reflection of my life in the past in the present and future.

You can find the album on:




the third one:


or on


Amazon, Youtube, Shazam and many more.






Shop of Angelique Broers and her conscious lifestyle shows you her books, music, art or personal song or DNA video do look!

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