Angelique Broers

Angelique Broers

“I feel myself lucky, healthy and beautiful and I wish you the same”

Since I was very young I liked to dress stylish. Shy and insecure like I was, I always thought positively and enthusiastic about everything to learn more about myself and my fellow men. I have a passionate interest in styling, being it in a personal, timeless way.
>I am a Dutch “orange 11” and am proud of that!

With visual merchandising in fashion and her skills as a sales manager in interior decoration, I founded my own companies Tradart interior decoration, Angelique Broers Personal Styling and later on ABPS Academy and ABPS Magazine. With these interior, image consulting companies and online digital magazines, I inspired people to find their own personal style and image. By working on their inner self and projecting this into their image. A better job I couldn’t create myself.

I have been on TV several times, has been featured in lots of fashion magazines and newspapers as Personal Styling was a new phenomena back in 2004.

Her creative and intuitive eye is getting stronger as the years progress.

I see, what you may not see in yourselves and I want to help you fulfill your true potential”. The more confident I become, the more I want to help others become more aware of themselves too. My first book Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle is my way of doing just that. I hope to inspire people to be more conscious about their inner and outer beauty and grow in self confidence so they are able to live the life that they deserve!

Angelique Broers – Author

Pure Smart Stylish - The BookThis is no diet book, no stylebook but a practical lifestyle book to make you more conscious about yourself!
Consciously or unconsciously, we’re all looking for something. For self-confidence, happiness, love, or health. “I collected the methods I used in my own quest so that you don’t have to search for them. You can start straight away in the search for your own self! These methods all have one thing in common: the answers for a self-confident attitude can always be found within. So I’ll only give you the basic outline. I want you to be your own guru and begin to believe in yourself.
I want you to be more conscious about your life so you too will become more happy with your:
Body Personality Talent Appearance & Relationship! Just as this worked for me.
You are responsible for your own body, for taking care of it, as well as for your thoughts and your choices and don’t forget:
All women deserve to been seen, especially you!

The book is written for women but also very nice for men to read who want to understand women in general better.

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Angelique Broers Speaker and Lifestyle Coach

Dating on a pure smart & stylish way

It makes me sad to ascertain how many women and men are disappointed in love and don’t dare to believe anymore in finding “the one”.

Despite or maybe because of the many digital places to meet someone, love life and getting to know one another is getting more and more difficult. Many people become insecure when there is no answer on a message within 5 minutes or rather send an email than asking someone on a real date. Lots of people have a busy life and don’t want to mail constantly or fill out long questionnaires on dating sites. You don’t have to disclose everything already in the beginning, right? On most of the dating sites you pay for a computer system which only gives you the possibility to view profiles. Very often these profiles unconscious or conscious have bad pictures thant show you, the real person, behind it. This is unfair don’t you think so?

You too want to be presented on the right way? That first impression which is so important to see if there is a click or not. Wether this is by of words or because of your appearance, this first impression can make or brake you. A computer can’t replace the real you and many people  become more insecure when there is failure after failure. That was not your intention, right?  You too want to be introduced as a strong, beautiful and secure person!

How do you like it when I do all this investigating work for you? No endless swiping, chatting and clicking anymore. I will get you your  perfect match in a pure smart and stylish way.

How? Mail me for the possibilities.

Angelique Broers, Matchmaker, Speaker and CoachLecture conscious lifestyle

Over the years Angelique has given lots of lectures, trainings and workshops for big companies like Beijersdorf (nivea), banks, like ING and Rabobank, UWV, Heijmans Construction, Eiffel, Univé Insurance and many more. She has given interviews in magazines, newspapers, TV and Radio and with her entertaining, interactive and educative way of speaking her message will be brought on a natural, enthusiastic and pleasant way.

Are you as an organisation looking for a pure, smart and stylish woman who brings the right message and energy to your employees, colleagues, students or friends?  Than Angelique is the one you are looking for.


Please send a message to Angelique in which you mention your name, e-mail address, company name, telephone number ánd motivation to get Angelique on your stage.

It’s Angelique’s ambition to get more people more conscious about their lives and she shares her practical life lessons with love and enthusiasm. Do you want better results for your organisation and you have an audience for more than 50 persons? Than Angelique is looking forward to meet you.

Individual coaching conscious lifestyle

You rather want to be coached individually and learn more about consciousness, image consulting, personal appearance, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right? You are ready for a new conscious lifestyle? You want to shine again? Mail Angelique for the possibilities.