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Influencers ? Discover who you really are!


I am beautiful, no matter what they say.”

A powerful truth, with which Christina Aguilera rightly scored a global hit. We all sing along loudly, but don’t really let those words get through to us. And that’s a shame because we could all learn something from it. Listen carefully to this song before you read further, because… whether or not you want to believe it, we are all insecure. This lack of confidence is usually fuelled by a lack of understanding. A lack of understanding by looking at yourself but especially by looking at others. The other who is seemingly perfect and constantly forced upon you through various media, whether we like it or not.

Accepting yourself and loving yourself, thus becomes increasingly difficult, because the constant pursuit of the other only increases your insecurity. The current outer and inner ideal does not tolerate differences. This is frustrating, tiring and bad for your health.

For example, we ask ourselves how it’s possible that one person can easily eat a lot and remain as thin as a rail, while another gains weight just by looking at food. This causes many people to struggle with their body and mind. Noses, breasts, eyes, butt – yes, even butts are given a lift today – ribs are removed and we’re bombarded by one diet after another. Through social media we even play another person. We present not only a more idealised version of our appearance, but also of who we are inside. More adventurous, playful, exciting, smart, and so on.

Drastic diets and surgery only serve to further strengthen this insecurity. We pay little attention to the impact this could have on our body and mind. Because what exactly is “beautiful”? “Slim”, “beautiful”, “perfect”: these are all subjective concepts. They mean different things to different people.

How can we be unique and authentic if we continue to chase “the other” in terms of behaviour and appearance? I’ve never understood this contradiction. Are people who deviate from the current (beauty) ideal not good enough for the outside world? Can’t they just be pure? Of course they can! And together, we women can make this clear to the outside world.

Every feature, both physical and mental, has advantages and disadvantages. It’s precisely your unique set of DNA features that makes you the ideal friend, colleague or business partner. 

This picture, I had this mission already at age 7. Finding different faces and said: Everyone is different and that is good!

Forget the influencers, You can start straight away in the search for your own self! The answers for a self-confident attitude can always be found within. Angelique and her Conscious lifestyle method gives you the basic outline. She wants you to be your own guru and begin to believe in yourself. You are responsible for your own body, for taking care of it, as well as for your thoughts and your choices.  The strength to want to change or to accept yourself is therefore in your hands and your hands only. 

Discover who you really are!


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