Energy takers

Energy takers

Some relationships give you energy, and that is fantastic.

But some relationships derive your body and soul of energy. So called: Energy takers: People who only derive joy out of bringing others into their well of pity, self-loathing, complaining, or drama.

I am sure you know too someone like that.

These kinds of people never taking responsibility for their own lives and always complaining about something. If you are vulnerable for this kind of energy and because you’re dealing with their negative energy, it helps to know how to prevent negativity from others.

If you have read my book or have followed the method Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle, you know that I am using colours a lot. Colours to look at in paintings or colours in clothes you wear.


If you use the power of red and or orange it will be helpful for protecting your personal energy from the energy taker.


Only wear black colours when you are around people you know, like and trust. If the energy in a room is negative and you’re wearing black, you may come away absorbing others negativity, leaving you feeling drained or energetically attacked and that’s not what we want, right?


The color white, like heaven and angels, serves as a protector and helps to give you more authority.

Try it and feel how it works. Let me know okay?

ps. Wanna know more about the effects of colours? Read my ebook or book or method and learn how colours can affect you and others.

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