Angelique Broers

“I want to be inspired and to inspire others”










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By living a conscious lifestyle, in good health, in financial freedom,  in beautiful so called “blue zone principle areas” countries and …in style!

What makes me happy?

My husband, family, good friends, a good health and my colourful conscious lifestyle.

What do I like?

Being feminine, sweet, stylish and authentic. My work. Experiencing different cultures, learning other languages. Nice cars. Creating colourful combinations in interior and outfit.  I like to be energetic & enthusiastic. Love to cook & good food. I adore the colour orange,  good art, dressing up, silly hats, dancing, different haircuts,  making music, having fun.

But most important of all:

I love to inspire others


I want to connect people in business and relationships.


  • by inspiring & teaching others to be different and unique.
  • by creating new business opportunities and…
  • by organising small but great events and “re”treats.

What I don’t like?

Jealous people and who treat others bad. I don’t like fotoshop or big events and I hate conartists.

My mission?

Everyone is different and authentic, with their own specialities, qualities, talents, strengths and beauty, and I like you to be conscious about that too.











Since I was young, (7 years old)I wanted to show people that being different is good. Have a look at my (in Dutch) paper from 1971 🙂

Since I was 22 years old people see me as a strong, stylish, independent woman. But they didn’t see or believe that a tough shell can be soft and insecure from the inside.

In 1992  I founded my own companies Tradart interior decoration, Angelique Broers Personal Styling and later on ABPS Academy and ABPS Magazine. With these interior, image & dating consulting companies and online digital magazines, I inspired people to find their own personal lifestyle and image. By working on their inner self and projecting this into their image. I have been on TV several times, has been featured in lots of fashion magazines and newspapers. Not bad for someone without a degree.

When I turned into 40 I was very successful* in work but not in my love and health life. I got severe health problems and the only thing I could think of was: “I have to change my lifestyle!”  Successful but not in balance. I didn’t understand this contradiction. I asked myself where this ambition to succeed came from, why I had so much stress in my life, why love life didn’t work out for me and why people like to destroy other peoples lives and businesses. I started to learn to live a conscious life and I started finding the real me, I am happy, healthy and I found the love of my life, what else do you want more?

How did I get this conscious lifestyle?

Read my book : Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle, you will be amazed about my personal story.

Puro Inteligente con estilo - un estilo de vida consciente





How can you get this conscious lifestyle?

Do my 12 steps to freedom method and get one hour session for free or come to one of our events or “re”treats or read more here.

If you are aware of the fact you want to do things different but didn’t found the right answers yet, than maybe this site will help you finding them.

Help us showing the world it’s nothing without authentic, healthy, happy & loving human beings.

Love, Angelique 




















A conscious lifestyle in business


The Corona Virus or Covid-19 forces us not only listening to ourselves but also looking more critical to our business.

You will ask yourself:
Can I pay the rent or my employees?
Will it still be profitable?
What can I do to make it visible again?
Are my employees suitable?
Am I satisfied the way it goes or am I still working in the old fashion way?

Be Smart

Hire our professional Lifestyle team.

Only if you want to listen to our ideas to help you with your new conscious lifestyle in business and in private life.

What can our Lifestyle Motivation Team do for you?
  • We will provide you with our creative ideas
  • We will show you other business possibilities
  • We will learn you how to have fun in business again.
  • We connect to the right people and or business or investors.