Facing the new you

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Facing the new you

When my father was nearing the end of his journey at a high age of 94 the special music Goddy made for him played an indispensable role in my life. The realization that there is a time to be born and a time to die resonated deeply with us. We wanted him to have a dignified passing, on his own terms, without unnecessary suffering. So the power of the special music Goddy made for my father, and for me and our family, not only assisted us during his final moments but also in bidding our farewells. It provided solace and brought memories to life, enabling us to give him a loving and honorable farewell.  Of course this is a very private situation, but the enormous understanding and solace it brought me has made me decide to do the album public and to share my personal experience. Because it will help any beloved one, but also you to understand and to accept the passing.Facing the new you

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