Pure Smart Stylish – the Book in English incl. free shipping


The 2020 #one self-help book to boost your self esteem!  Learn the Practical life lessons and more about your:

Authentic – Body -Personality-Talent-Appearance & Relationship – Self knowledge and self insight.



Based on my own long quest for self-confidence,

I offer you the possibility to become aware of your own unique DNA. In stead of wishing another body, you have to learn to read your own body and its qualities. If you understand and accept it I am sure you dare to add more colour to your life as well.
I  want to explain you why ‘orange’ types stay easily slim, why ‘green’ types are caring and why ‘purple’ types always prefer doing things with a sense of purpose. I show how colours affect your mood and appearance, where your strengths and talents lie, how to be open to friendships, how to dress stylish and how to behave in public.  In short, how to start straight away in the search for your own confident self.

You’ll become more happy with your:

Body -Personality-Talent-Appearance & Relationship

and next to that you’ll become a pure smart stylish lady!

As a true Rules woman, Angelique Broers knows better than anyone how to behave and dress like a real CUAO, ‘Creature Unlike Any Other’, a one of a kind creation. Her advice will help you become a self-confident woman!” 

Ellen Fein en Sherrie Schneider 

Authors of THE RULES 


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