Flex Beam Recharge

Flex Beam Recharge

The Flexbeam wonder device

As I am traveling a lot and living in different countries,  sometimes my back and neck hurt.  I am tall, slim and a bit clumsy so I fall, hit or bump into something all the time. So I have to depend on myself by self healing. Self healing is in my dictionaire for  a long time, since 1984 when I started to read Louise Hay’s : You can heal yourself.

So I like to treat my body myself. I know Zulia Frost since 2010.  All the products she is using in her own practice I buy. She provides me the help online or by phone when I need to treat one of my sore body parts.  Flex beam is her new born product and I am really very enthusiastic about it. It is all about red light which heals the body, makes the immune system stronger and gives energy where needed. Exactly what you need now in this Covid-19 times and or after Vaccination problems which I unfortunately suffered from in the way of Neuropathy after taking AstraZeneca. I used the flexbeam Recharge Health on my spleen and liver to refresh the blood quicker and gave a boost to my immune system and use it on the feet and hands for the neuropathy I developed as a post vaccination result.

You can treat yourself when reading a book or watching television or while sitting in your car and driving to work. Next to that it gives you a glow, your youth and appearance back, as it has direct effect on the skin and of course the whole energy you are radiating into the world. I am turning 60 in 2 years but feel 20 years younger.

Do you wake up in pain? Or can’t you fall a sleep. Is your immune system not good, or you want to increase the energy level? Using red light therapy has really helped me with pain, circulation, and inflammation. I use my FlexBEAM Recharge device every other morning or evening when troubles sleeping. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. The FlexBeam is a targeted, powerful red light therapy device that is sleek, portable, and versatile. Give your body a break of 1 week after using it 3 weeks in a row.
Have you tried red light therapy? This is not a new technology. It has been around for over 50 years but with advances in LED’s, Recharge is able to produce a product that is affordable and portable.

A real Pure Smart Stylish product and for people who live a conscious lifestyle like I do!

Think of all the times you don’t have to visit the doctors, or money you spend on medication, and about what you are doing to your liver by taking them.

If you want a first aid kit and don’t want to depend on doctors, chiropractors or physiotherapists., and good health is more important than worry about your insurance pay back, the flex beam recharge is the best article. It deserves an award for best results, design and service.

When you are like me, you want to heal yourself first than have a look at

The Flex Beam for more information

or look at FlexBeam Recharge Health Vimeo videos.

Or ask me for more details about the product, different treatments and my personal results.

Love, Angelique



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