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Mastering your mind

Mastering your mind

We almost always blame problems or insecurities on others, almost never on ourselves. But,  problems will arise precisely if you ignore what you see or feel, if there is interference between mind and body. We all talk aloud or under our breath to or with ourselves. But are we doing it right? I want you to understand that the interaction between your body and your mind is important. Important to becoming and staying healthy, but mainly to become more sure of yourself.

The negative and positive thought spiral

Whatever your colour type, everyone has thoughts. Both positive, negative and neutral thoughts pass through our minds every day. Often they occupy us longer than we want and this is potentially dangerous. A thought which starts out positive can turn into a negative thought, purely by constantly thinking about it. So often that that thought can turn into chaos. If this lasts a long time we may experience a dip or even a burnout.

I bought a book back in 1987, one that survived every move I made and has been a permanent fixture on my nightstand since then: Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. In it, Louise describes her own experiences of becoming healthy, and how she cured herself of cancer through positive thoughts. She is considered an authority in the field of self-healing and even at an advanced age is still an incredible source of inspiration for many. She discovered years ago that you attract that which you focus your attention on, through repetitive thoughts. She calls these unconscious repetition affirmations, I’ll call them power thoughts from now on.

The unique interaction between body and mind

According to Louise, physical ailments are unconscious negative thoughts that you have stored in your body. And they can cause many inconveniences. In her book she describes step by step how you can recognise, conquer and heal these physical ailments and negative thoughts and fears. Because according to Louise, you yourself are often responsible for health problems such as headaches, nail biting and acne. They are caused by your own negative thoughts. This is mainly due to repetition. Through repetition, a thought becomes a conviction. Do you ever wonder why there is frequently something wrong with your body? Are you perhaps too hard on yourself? Why do you keep saying that you’re not good enough or that you can’t do a certain job because you haven’t gone to university? That you don’t have talent or are stupid or ugly? Chances are that you got caught up in a pattern where you remind yourself constantly of your ailment or lack of skill. You convince yourself that there’s something wrong with you. If you think negatively about yourself and your life, it will be much harder to attract positive things. This is partly due to your attitude, but also to your own ‘spectacles’. Because of your negative self-image, you will never see the positive things in life.

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