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I am traveling a lot especially since I met my partner for life and since 2 years to be called my husband Frank. We both like to connect with other people and with other businesses.  We like to inspire people with our experience and expertise. But when we travel we like to do that as we like to live our lives: in style.

This week we visited the beautiful house of our good friends Arthur and Grace, and the owners of and experienced their lifestyle in Tuscany.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger and my good friend Gracie Opulanza

we know each other from our home country Andorra. She is a born Italian special lady from Australia and we  had a great time, eating, dancing, dressing up, fotoshoots, walks and visits to Lucca. She was so kind to write a blog about me, my book and my conscious lifestyle. Have a look how she sees me.

Thanks Grace! Miss you already.

Pure Smart Stylish – Lady Orange Conscious Lifestyle Tips


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