Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle Ebook English


This practical lifestyle bible will teach you to become a strong woman and stay unique as a creature unlike any other and to live your life in a conscious way.


This is no diet book, no stylebook but a practical lifestyle book to make you a strong & unique personality.
Consciously or unconsciously, we’re all looking for something. For self-confidence, happiness, love, or health. “I collected the methods I used in my own quest so that you don’t have to search for them. You can start straight away in the search for your own self! These methods all have one thing in common: the answers for a self-confident attitude can always be found within. So I’ll only give you the basic outline. I want you to be your own guru and begin to believe in yourself.
I want you to be more conscious about your life so you too will become more happy with your:





Just as this worked for me.
You are responsible for your own body, for taking care of it, as well as for your thoughts and your choices!

All women deserve to been seen, especially you!

The book is written for women but also very nice for men to read who want to understand women in general better.


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