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SHOP SMART- Feel great

Shop smart, feel great!

Before you open your wardrobe doors, organise what’s inside and then go shopping. You open the fridge before going to the supermarkt, right? Well you should do the same with clothes.

  • Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry for clothes! You follow this rule before food shopping too isn’t? It also works for buying smart. If you have a fashion emergency, you’ll probably end up buying something to get out of the crunch that you’ll never actually wear again. Get organized in advance and don’t leave everything for the last minute. Make lists of what you really need to put a halt to impulse buys, especially during sales.
  • Want new sneakers? Why not changing the laces, you will have a complete different look, and you can combine more easily.



  • Look at the price of the piece you love, before trying it on. If is way outside your budget and you love it, you feel guilty all day or frustrated if you don’t buy it. Of course you can treat yourself, and if it make you feel special, then its price is worth it, but be conscious of it.
  • Always take two sizes of the same piece to the changing rooms, as sizes can very. Some chains tend to trick us with sizes to make us feel better so that we’ll buy more. See if it is in your right colors and in your style? and before you hand over your creditcard think of three occasions at which you will wear the garment. Or pay cash, because peeling off several bills from your purse is much more painful than just handing over your plastic friend.


Good luck!

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