If you want to be independent, the importance of which I already learned in childhood, you have to have something for yourself, besides any potential family. Something that gives you freedom. One person may derive satisfaction from sewing her own clothes and makes the most beautiful creations, which lets her put aside a little money. While another keeps her own vegetable garden and enjoys every red-coloured tomato or beautiful green bean she grows on her land and with which she puts together a lovely healthy meal in the evening. For yet another it’s paid work which gives her satisfaction, working for a boss or as an independent entrepreneur, while for someone else it may be volunteer work that brings fulfillment.
Having pleasure in your work and personal life is important, very important. You use your talents that give you this pleasure. If something gives you energy, you often use your talents without even particularly knowing which talents you actually possess. You do something with ease and pleasure.

Enjoying your work is important, but success never comes by itself
However, recognising your talent doesn’t determine whether you’ll actually be successful. Having that talent often only accounts for twenty percent when it comes to being successful. You’ll certainly need to devote eighty percent of your time in order to work hard for this success. You’ll need to pay daily visits to your vegetable garden to repel insects and remove weeds. It’s up to you whether or not this garden will be a success. You have to take action and make choices in your life in order to move forward.

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