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Lois is a 29-year-old green type to whom I gave detailed advice during her burnout. She was always very sociable and worked as a secretary in a team of ten people. She was content there. A reorganisation forced her to work alone. She had to take decisions by herself and the work pressure increased.

Because she had much less peer contact, got more and more work to do and thus stayed at work longer, she increasingly skipped healthy meals. She began eating more sweets due to the stress. More and more frequently. She gained fifteen kilos and quickly felt too fat and became depressed. Because of all the work she also no longer had time for her social contacts outside her job. In the end she withdrew completely.

Unfortunately, it took a burnout for her to realise that changes in her life were necessary. She applied for a job at another company at which she has less responsibility, earns less money, but is much happier. She’s already lost twelve kilos just by changing jobs! She still doesn’t enjoy exercising, but she does take the stairs more often (or one of the other examples I gave).

Which talents are developing during this lockdown and corona virus crisis?

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