Call for media

Call for media
I have been annoyed for years by the media who think we would like to follow the lives of actors, singers, artists and influencers. You cannot open a magazine or they will be shown to us and our youth as role models. Reason for me to skip these magazines. But … the youth is brought up with the phenomenon: if you are famous as a singer or actor, then you have succeeded in life. They are stupidly surprised that you can also be successful in life as an interior nurse, shop assistant, police officer, nurse or doctor. And how badly we need these people now, in this time of crisis!
All professions that have been cut back or if they are not found interesting enough or lucrative.
What will it please me if we no longer consider supermodels or actresses as role models, but doctors, nurse, teachers, police, cleaners etc.etc. Give them a place, they can also be seen, heard and paid well.
I advocate! Because here too it applies: a good example does a good job.

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