Baby Boom or Bye Bye Love ?

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In 9 months we will know: More or less love in your relationship.
Living 24/7 in a small apartment or house will be for lots of people,  a blessing or a challenge. It will help or destroy your relationship, because many people will realise: Is my relationship sufficiently complete? Especially now during this difficult period we are forced in caused by Corona Virus.
Sometimes things aren’t working in your relationship, but you don’t know why. There doesn’t appear to be a clear reason. A lack of communication, respect and insecurity can often cause trouble, even in long-term relationships. Because if you’re insecure, your partner can for example also become insecure and now we all have enough reasons to be insecure and have anxieties.
Take a good look at your relationship. Is there mutual respect? Or do you cuss each other out?
Ask yourself the following questions: Can I ask for support when things are difficult? Do I feel safe with my partner? Do I dare be vulnerable when I’m in pain? Am I afraid he or she will no longer find me interesting if I am?  Am I nagging him too much? 

Continue to communicate well in order to avoid conflict. Are you an orange type with a light orange or green partner? Then you should watch out to not react too sensitively to insignificant matters.  Make sure you communicate well and openly discuss everything.

Look at yourself to see whether you aren’t placing excessively high demands on your relationship. Nobody is perfect and neither are you. Are you mirroring? Are you showing him or her something that makes you happy but which has the opposite effect on him or her? Everything you communicate lovingly is something you also get back lovingly.

Try it and I wish you all the best and especially good health.

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