Results of Covid 19

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Results of Covid 19
In 9 months we will know: Lots of cute babies or thousands of filed divorces!
Living 24/7 in a small apartment or house will be a blessing for some people and a great challenge for others. Because people will especially during this  Lockdown will ask themselves:
Is my relationship as good as I thought? Especially now in this difficult time in which we live. Being forced by this unexpected and dangerous life (style) threatening corona virus. Some things won’t work in your relationship, but you don’t really know why. Sometimes there is no reason, but a feeling. Perhaps lack of communication or mutual respect and uncertainty can play a major role in why things are not going well. Because one of the partner is insecure, the other can become one too, especially now in these anxious times.
Take a good look, is there mutual respect or are you fighting each other?
Are you annoyed by the fact that your partner does not take another into account and drinks that last carton of milk?
Is it always you to unload the dishwasher? Or are you asking yourself now: Can I ask for support, when life is difficult? Do I feel safe with my partner, can I be vulnerable if I am anxious or in pain or ill? Or .. am I nagging him or her too much for nothing?
Take a good look at yourself if it is you, maybe you ask too much? No one is perfect and neither are you.
Or, are you mirroring? Because one thing is certain, everything you show you will get back. So be nice to each other especially at this time. Try to compliment each other. Write down what you like about yourself and what you like about your partner. Try to focus on the good things, you are not in a relationship without a reason, right?
Especially the “orange and green” types can react extremely sensitive in these dark and uncertain times, because this is in their nature. More knowledge about your color DNA gives you more insight, but especially why the other reacts in the way they do. You can read more about this in my book, Pure Slim Stylish, a conscious lifestyle.
So try to communicate openly and dare to ask, but sometimes it can also mean that you have to count to 10 to avoid conflicts.
I wish you lots of love and above all good health.

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