The Body

The Body

The body 

During this Corona Virus or Covid-19 crisis we are forced to have a better look to our body. It will grow bigger by only eating and no exercise at all, or you watch youtube videos made by these beautiful but very often very skinny models and force yourself to overexercising and having pains you never thought you could have muscle pain on these parts of your body. Or you are undermining your health by not eating at all.

We are being overwhelmed with good advice from people who all have a ‘perfect’ and ‘healthy’ body, due to their own miracle diets, plastic surgery or sports. Yet another person has acquired their healthy and perfect body through leading a positive life. And all those advices supposedly work for everyone. The fact that every body is different, but also works different, isn’t something we think about. Why not? Well, because we simply don’t have that knowledge. At least, most of us don’t. 

I would like to explain to you why everyone’s body is different, feels different, moves different, thinks different, dresses different, possesses other talents, and works different and thus is … different. How? 

By learning to see 

Since modern civilisation man has tried in various ways to uncover the secrets of the body. Luckily, studies just keep coming and it is becoming easier for us to understand. Instead of looking at how the body should be, I’m going to look at how my body actually is, and what that tells me about how I can best take care of my own body. 

The three seedling leaves have developed in each human being because every human being, after all, has a digestive system, a musculoskeletal system and a nervous system. However, usually one or two of the seedling leaves are better developed, so that the corresponding organs are also better developed. Which bodytype is yours? And are you doing the right movements by eating or not eating the food your body needs?  I have developed the musculoskeletal or red system more so I need to do my exercises. But a bit difficult nowadays, so I am very happy with my little garden, or big terrace. I try to see it the positive way 🙂 Wish you good luck during this lockdown period. Love, Angelique

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